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Of Wine and Words: A Revolutionary IMprov Poem

May 15, 2009

Words woo
Better than
Wine do!

2, a Woman Jogging in Belltown: A Revolutionary Self-IMprov poem

May 14, 2009

I dreamed I was there,
Watching the sun in your hair.
Gasping as you jogged past;
Staring at your buns, fast!/

I’d watch you
a bad sculpture garden,/
as both of us sculpt and harden/
various body parts./
It’s a start!

Why You Should Go To Bed: A Revolutionary IMprov Sonnet

May 11, 2009

Instead of staying up
and caterwauling
and denying my busting nut
by not late-night calling,

Why don’t you instead
do what you should:
Go to bed!
Sleep is good!

So, go to your soft, king sized, where
warm exists, if only in part,
because he’s already there,
leaving dutch oven tarts.

And you can breathe deep, and drink
to my memory, and in the stink.


When I Tulips Meet: A Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

May 8, 2009

TulipsWhen i tulips meet/
especially below the waist,/
I never once wonder/
how do they taste?/
For after tulips meet/
wurst meat,/
they always taste/
sweat sweet!/