About CyranoWriter: a Revolutionary Romantic Poet and Writer

Thanks to several friends — old AND new — and thanks to the belief that today (Inauguration Day, 2009) IS a new day, I’ve decided to start writing, and posting my writings, along with my experiences as both a Romantic Poet and a Revolutionary Writer. Maybe it’s not right that I self-proclaim that I’m either — or both — of those things. But who is to say that I am, or I’m not?

Within my blog I will attempt to have two main thought process categories.

  1. Revolutionary Poems, stories, thoughts that are “Revolutionary” in nature. That is, they will be thoughts about anything topical and worthy of discussion, including self-discovery, OUTSIDE of my romantic writings.
  2. Romantic: Poems, stories, thoughts that are “Romantic” in nature. That is, they will tend to focus on writing toward a woman or women, discussing romantic relationships. They will probably be divided into:
    *”IMbic Poems 4an IMprov Age” (typically poems created “on the fly” while Instant Messaging (IMing) friends),
    *”ConTEXTual Poems” (typically poems created on the fly, but within the confines of sending cellphone text messages), and
    *Other poems and writings, either created within emails directed to someone, or as random thoughts.

It’s my hope to eventually publish these into a book (or several). I only hope that the formatting of the pages on WordPress allows me to put them into the various categories!
Dave Kuhns 20 January, 2009
http://www.cyranowriter.com has technical writing, marketing collateral examples, curriculum development and training examples.
My business profile is available at Biznik.com: Biznik - Business Networking


2 Responses to “About CyranoWriter: a Revolutionary Romantic Poet and Writer”

  1. shannon kringen Says:

    i like your words…

    great meeting you 2day…i’d be into doing some open mic thingie mick jagger sometime if sometime works for us both-

    thanks for doing the video workshop!
    peaCe, shannon

  2. Daniela Says:

    Hey! Not sure if you remember me but we sat next to each other on the plane from London to Detroit. It was a pleasure meeting you! Just wanted to pass by and say hi 🙂 I’ve linked you to the blog I’m writing about my experiences in Tennessee and here’s my sister’s facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gabi/237426969671068

    Early days still, but watch this space!

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