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Waking Up Sick: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

May 14, 2017

My eyes are caked shut./
The only vision I have/
is what God shows me.

Calling A Date A Date: Romantic ImproVerse Iambic Poem Lament

February 15, 2017

When she flew with a married guy/
to Paradise, I didn’t cry.
I was just waiting.
Now she at least admits:
They’re dating.

Yes, it’s the pits.
But don’t be alarmed.
I won’t lay awake at night,
nor fight
a battle of wits
with someone who’s half armed.

Happy Birthday Option: Revolutionary Rhyming IMprov Haiku

January 12, 2017

If I had your phone/
number, I’d sing. I’ll write poems;/
disturb your slumber.

Early Morning FrontRunner Window Seat: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

November 17, 2016

I’d hoped to get some/
sleep, but the new snow-covered/
views kept me awake.
First snow, view from the FrontRunner train, 8:50 a.m. Provo to SLC

Early Morning Washing — Thanks, Mom! : Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku Lament

January 21, 2016

When the washer runs /
above your head, you wake up,/
get up, and write more.

When the washer runs /
above your head, you’re forced to/
get up and write more.

Are You Sleeping? Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

November 23, 2015

She thought that I slept,/
but I was simply watching o’er/
her while she slumbered.

Sonnet Smiling: Romantic IMprov Sonnet

July 8, 2015

She reeled him in/
with her smile,/
as though made just for him:/
Beautiful, without guile.

She then (sadly) made him wait
as she nodded sleepily.
He could only anticipate
and try not to do so creepily.

Her smile and her profile
made him seek more.
He’d wait awhile;
what was he looking for?

But then she announced he could not be her mate.
His dreams she trounced: “Like Cinderella, it’s too late!”

Bed-And-Breakfast Conundrum: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku Lament

May 9, 2015

The problem with a /
bed-and-breakfast stay is that /
you want company.Alone at the Spring City Inn Bed and Breakfast, Spring City, Sanpete County, Utah

Morning Wake Up Call: Romantic IMprov Free Verse Poem

April 9, 2015

Your hair falls,
flowing gently,
capturing the morning’s
first gold.

Turning into you,
I face quiet beauty.
I move your flaxen strands
off your face,
behind your ear,
exposing your skin.

Leaning in,
my cheek hovers above
feeling your warmth,
like morning sunshine
pulls back the blanket
of the night.

My ear floats
above your lips
so I feel and hear
your deep, morning breath,
and at peace.

My lips
part slightly
to breathe softly
your ear.

as sweetly and
with as low moan
as possible,
I whisper a gentle
“Good morning.”

You stir slightly.
My face drops soft
against yours:
Cheek against
my ear against your
mouth’s corner,
lips against
your ear.

I trust you hear
and feel
the sound of one soft,
against your skin
and your hearing
to your mind
and then your
and then,
your soul,
with a gentle,
morning massage message
of love.

Golden haired sleeping beauty is the Muse for a morning wake-up call