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Vibrato Liberato: Elektra Memormio! – a revolutionary ConTEXTing poem

February 28, 2009

elektra3xA haggard/
antiquitous daughter/
stood on a stage,/
sounding her crazed/
and demented rage!/
With her impassioned vibrato,/
She awakened my shy,/
slumbering Liberato!


Du kennst mich doch! – A romantic IMprov poem auf Deutsch

February 27, 2009

Spoke an accented voice, from long ago: You seem to be there when nobody else is… And I don’t even know you! And I answered:

Du kennst mich doch.
Ich bin der jenige,
fuer wem Du gesucht hast.
auf wem Du gewartest hast.
an wem Du getrauemt hast.

Der Jenige der,
wenn Du eine Augen
im Traum schlieBt,
da steht.

Der Jenige der,
wenn Du im Mittenacht
etwas neben Dir verspuerst,
da ist…

Deine Hand zu halten,
Deine Gesicht zu tasten
Deine Haare mit seinen Fingern zu kaemen.

Ich bin’s.

Embers of the fire, dying: A revolutionary IMprov poem

February 26, 2009

The dying
embers of the fire
needed a little poke
to make the flames climb higher;

to avoid the smoke
that sometimes
into our eyes
and waters them
but, as we cry,
we are cleansed.
And the fire, stirred,
roars passionately again.

To a Woman Collecting Her Thoughts: A Revolutionary IMprov Poem

February 25, 2009

She didn’t seem meek
and sitting,
on the banks of the creek

that cool, rainy day.
But then I watched
her thoughts
float away.

And suddenly
she had no more to say.
So, she ran to get them
But fell in
and couldn’t collect them,
nor could she swim.

And I,
like the nice guy
that I am,
leapt in,
reached out my hand,

collected her
of her sinking

on that cool, rainy day,
but of thinks I’d collected
that she wouldn’t say.
And she floated away.

The Poet Alone: A revolutionary sonnet

February 24, 2009

The silence deafens
and suprises me;
the lack of women’s letters
I’d hoped to see.

Perhaps SuperBusyWomen
don’t, after all, have the time
to leave their hurried, rushed lives
and listen to my rhyme.

Perhaps she who I put on the shelf
was right!
But still, my keyboard and I forge
into the empty night.

Where I discover poetry is writ not for she,
nor them, nor thee, but — alone — for me.

BEauty on the Beach: A Romantic IMprov Sonnet

February 23, 2009

A woman wanted to be/
a better writer/
so I took her to the beach/
and walked beside her./

We spoke of the Bard,/
and his poetry;/
It was not hard/
how the words came to me,/

as we danced/
on the sand./
I romanced;/
she held my hand./

It was effortless; the words came easily,/
to describe her fairness and lasting beauty!

Dad’s requiem 4 a Daughter Lost: A revolutionary ConTEXTing Poem

February 21, 2009

I lost my daughter today,/
though she didn’t die/
nor move far away;/
she yelled, swore, said goodbye,/
and poof! there was no more to say./
I cried/
and died/

Late Night Wondering: a Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

February 20, 2009

I sometimes wonder/
if I disturb your slumber./
Or if you’re still sleep-free/
thinking of me!

Breast Cancer Vision: a revolutionary email sonnet

February 19, 2009

She gazed
at the lens
not with rage
nor sorrow, not again.

This time
is hers.
Strong, sublime;
she conquers.

Controls the pain,
walks her own path.
Determined again;
Keeps life in her grasp.

I know her only through another’s lens;
I weep, and embrace visions of a friend.

[Thank you for the opportunity
to be witness to a fight
which so deeply moves me.]

To see part of the upcoming breast cancer photographic documentary “Relearning Loveliness”, go to my friend’s website:

Becoming Egotistical about writing: Revolutionary IMprov poetry

February 18, 2009

An editor
said I’d have to pay her
to read a work of mine;
she wouldn’t do me a favor.

So I replied
with a deep and heavy sigh:
“The payment lies
in the ability to read it;
The feeling’s worth far more than cash
when you need it.

Wouldn’t you agree
with me
on that philosophy?
(tee hee hee!)”

She still awaits
her money.