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Worthy Anxiety: Revolutionary IMprov Rhyming Haiku

December 31, 2014

You’ve anxiety/
o’er where to be New Year’s Eve?/
Pity. Don’t worry!

Who Protects Vets? Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

November 10, 2014

He protected us/
and wrecked his life. Who of us/
will now protect him?


They protected us/
and wrecked their lives. Who of us/
will lift and help them?

A Late Summer Night’s Torrent: Romantic ImproVerse Poetry

August 27, 2013

I’ve debated if I should post these poems separately, but I decided to post them all together, as a single experience … because that’s what they were. Starting at about 9:30 p.m. the evening of Monday, August 26th, and going until shortly after 4 a.m., I “met” someone on-line. Because she was working, I agreed to write her every 10 minutes, as a process experiment, to see if she was more effective in work because she had something to look forward to.
The following poems (mostly) are a result. (There are some random haiku which happened during that time.)

21:30 p.m.
It’s Not Bad News

It’s always better/
to hear than to be kept in/
silence, wondering.

21:54 p.m.
Good Food! Bad Food!

There is no moral/
Value in food, neither good/
nor bad. It just is.

21:58 p.m.
Who, Me!?!

There once was a match, I thought,/
Whose photos were so incredibly hot!/
With mouth open I gazed/
and was completely amazed/
That it was me whom she sought!

22:03 p.m.
Care To Volunteer?

If she would but choose/
To be my sweet Muse, I’d fill/
her days with Hiaikus.

22:23 p.m.
Dating A Travel Agent

I asked her for a/
free hotel room night, hoping/
she’d spend it with me.

22:28 p.m.
Waiting In The Dark

She waited, alone,/
in the dark for a tender /
heart spark from his phone.

22:58 p.m.
Getting Her Pictures

I thanked her coyly/
for her pictures where she showed/
me all her secrets.

Cinnamon Rolls

It wasn’t ’til I /
tasted another’s that I/
knew how good she was.

23:08 p.m.

Trying to produce/
under a deadline schedule/
leads to antici…
Trying to produce/
Under a deadline leads to /

23:11 p.m.
Age Interest

She’s 40. So I/
ask: “Why me?” What is it that/
she sees so deeply?

Photo Phase: Romantic ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

The photos I gazed/
at put me in a phase that/
I want to stay in.

23:26 p.m
How Often?

Amidst her silence/
I again learn that I’m the/
dunce who never learns.

23:36 p.m.
A Bored Muse

What happens to a /
muse when she gets bored? Does she/
just find another?
…does she /
simply fly away?

23:41 p.m.
Better Than Photos: Romantic ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

I have to confess/
That it’s your voice and hot breath/
which I like the best.

23:50 p.m.
10 Minute Deadline: Romantic ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

Oh no! Another/
10 minutes appears on the/
horizon! What then?

00:15 Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Long Pauses And Silence

I always wonder/
about the causes of long/
pauses and silence.

00:35 a.m.
Amazing Verbiage And What’s Next?

Now that we’ve shared some/
amazing verbiage, I’ll ask: /
what is the next step?

00:40 a.m.
Interesting Shutdown

When guys ask questions,/
that means you’re interesting./
Do not shut them down.

Lighting An Awesome Flame

Who or where is this/
lantern lane that I may light/
her flame of awesome?

1:01 a.m.
Proving My Addiction

She claimed I had an/
addiction. I removed/
myself; proved myself.

1:07 a.m.
False Extensions

She extended her/
pineapple of aloha,/
then hid it away.

1:17 a.m.
Missing Deadlines

I missed my deadline./
Like a stream gone dry, would she/
then cast me aside?

1:35 a.m.
Waiting With Wondering Anticipation

He wondered if her /
anticipation and her/
waiting matched his own.

1:15 a.m.
At Last, An End?

When it appeared she’d/
Tired of the same 10 minute/
Game, he went to sleep.
When through her silence/
it seemed she’d tired of the 10 /
minute scheme, he dreamed.

2:09 a.m.
Lack Of Sleep 1

He couldn’t help it./
She’d caressed his soul and he/
couldn’t go to sleep.

2:20 a.m.
Lack Of Sleep 2

When she touched him this/
Way, he blushed, afraid to say/
just exactly how.

2:29 a.m.
Future Reward

On dating sites, should /
I post photos of me young?/
Think: Resurrection!

2:36 a.m.
Kitchen Dancing

He dreamed simply of/
Holding her in his arms and/
dancing in kitchens.

2:40 a.m.
What She Thought

Truthfully he dreamed/
Of much more, but she thought he/
had high, strong morals.*
* Was a man of class.

2:50 a.m.
Softly Singing

As they dance, he sings/
softly in her eager ears: /
“Fly me to the moon.”

2:56 a.m.
Appropriate Timing

There was much more/
to discuss, but it was too/
early to say it.

OR 3:02 a.m.
There was much more/
to dream on, but it was too/
early to speak it.

3:07 a.m.
The Font

Late night poetry/
poured out of him. It was still/
her he thought about.

3:11 a.m.
She Didn’t Want To Know

He guessed that there were/
probably many things she/
didn’t want to know.

3:21 a.m.
Photo Staring

He thought if he stared/
at her photos long enough/
they’d lodge in his heart.

4:03 a.m.
Waste Not

Was it a waste to/
spend all night writing? Or mere/
creative genius?

4:10 a.m.
Frontal Lobe Loneliness

There’s a void near my/
frontal lobe, where my iPhone kept me company.

4:23 a.m.
Accepting Romance

He felt that she could/
Accept romance. Otherwise/
he’d not have written.

7:46 a.m.
Morning After Anxiety

It’s always the first/
message of the next morning/
that makes me anxious.


Thankful Thanksgiving Eating: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

November 21, 2012

Be thankful you can/
look at a Thanksgiving meal/
and eat thankfully.