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Since when is Sarcasm good? A revolutionary conTEXTing poem

February 17, 2009

I grew up learning 2b sarcastic./
I’m really good at it.

My ability 2 fight/
a battle of wits/
with half-armed nits/
was a delight!/

But in hindsight/
I ask: so what?

Burnt hurt dumb thumb! A comical revolutionary poem

February 15, 2009

I burnt my thumb!
I feel so dumb!
But I also have to say
I singed my wrist yesterday!

The logs we cut
do not fit
in the firebox!
(that’s the size of it!)

A 16 inch cut
will, of course,
let me put wood straight in
without using force!

But these logs were sawed
by some hand unseen
after they were felled
to measure 18!
So wrestle, push, pry,
twist, poke, force,
balance and jam must I,
and then, of course,

Sometimes my finger, hand, arm,
or wrist, will slip up and touch
that hot iron box!
“Does it hurt?” “Yeah, pretty much!”

But gas heat is expensive
and the wood, it is free!
Though I’m apprehensive,
we burn the felled trees!

And I have to suffer
and force more wood in;
there is no safety buffer!
I’ll probably burn me again!

Singe my wrist, arm, hand, thumb,
finger, and again feel warm, and dumb!

Epilogue to Valentine’s Day Sonnet: an 11:59 pm Romantic IMprov Sonnet

February 14, 2009

Epilogue on Valentine’s Day at 11:59 pm

Now that this romantic day
has come and quickly passed,
And I, delaying, didn’t say
what I should, while the sun light cast,

Permit me
to tell you
my heart, true!

Let me at last say
what I should have said
during Valentine’s Day,
before the sun bled, dead!

All this long, alone, romantic day through,
I have thought of and missed only you.

Let me be the first: A Valentine’s Day IMprov Sonnet

February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day bouquetLet me be the first
to wish you,
in rhyme and verse,
a day romantic and true.

Let me be the one
to unveil, on this day,
like the red dawning sun,
a radiant bloom’d bouquet!

Though not of cheerful daffodil,
nor lilacs (smelled, seen, not heard!)
Not of sweetest rose, nor orchid’s fragrant thrill:
This flowery bunch is made of words!

For though these words* new from fingers start,
they’ve long been growing within my heart!


A Running Computer: a Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

February 14, 2009

Does she stay up late/
4 fun?/
Or log in/
then go run/
and forgets/
the guy not met/
The 1 who thinks she’s hot/
and has got/
a face/
he can’t place/
cant 4get!

At Never-Never Land, U R not home: an old Romantic IMbic poem

February 13, 2009

I went to Never-Never Land
but didnt find you there!
I knew that, if I had,
I’d simply stand, stare,
and think how lovely you are!

But, alas!
I must have turned too far
gone past
the star
that is home.

Sensitive Log-Splitter’s Lament: A Revolutionary Poem

February 12, 2009

“I speak in generalizations
about and for all women!”
(An oxymoron
if there ever was one!
It can’t be done!)

Still opined another woman;
told me what
a sensitive man
I am.

And then spoke:
“We women want men
who are strong! No joke!”
And I hear it again.

The same idea foisted
on a man changing his world;
the same dogma hoisted,
like a flag being unfurled.

“Women want a sensitive man!”
But what to do
when they find him?
They’ve not a clue.

So I sigh
and ignore the lie.
Learn to be a strong, yet nice, guy.
Learn what I should have learned to be
a decade, or two, or three!

(I’m slow…
but now I know!
Because dozens of women
have told me so!)

I can split logs in two.
Can you?

Another Friday Night: Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

February 11, 2009

Wow! What’s gotten into me?/
I wanna go c/
a movie!/
do an art walk!/
Sit around and talk!
Anything where/
u and i end up there./
I can’t wait 2c/
if ur there with me!

Prelude and Sonnet of a Muse: Romantic IMprov Poetry

February 11, 2009

The Prelude
to the Sonnet of a Muse

I was telling her
about you
and what you do
to inspire me!
And I came up
with poetry.
You’ll see!

But, for now,
take flight:

(The 1 a.m. Sonnet of a Muse)

She is a muse
to me.
A clever woman
inspires poetry!

She strips away
my vanity;
my very sanity.

And when I see her
start to type,
I must respond
while the time is ripe!

(My head and hands, both, may explode!
From stimulation overload!)

Upon Pleasing a Woman: A Romantic Poem

February 10, 2009

They always say they’ll call
after they’re through.
But they never do.