Becoming Egotistical about writing: Revolutionary IMprov poetry

An editor
said I’d have to pay her
to read a work of mine;
she wouldn’t do me a favor.

So I replied
with a deep and heavy sigh:
“The payment lies
in the ability to read it;
The feeling’s worth far more than cash
when you need it.

Wouldn’t you agree
with me
on that philosophy?
(tee hee hee!)”

She still awaits
her money.

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One Response to “Becoming Egotistical about writing: Revolutionary IMprov poetry”

  1. L Says:

    Perhaps she meant
    it as a joke?
    Not meaning to saddle
    either of you
    to money’s yoke?

    Or it may be
    she was interrup’ted
    and the lines you were fed
    were not what you dread
    and were meant altogether differently?

    I bet she meant
    not to give you a poke,
    nor to make a joke,
    but to clarify
    that the real high —
    in addition to the reading —
    is found more in the keeping.

    And for the priviledge
    of downloading,
    she’ll gladly pay
    as she’s not into freeloading.


    You gave her the text,
    and she read the first page
    and the next.
    Then commented briefly
    after finishing it all.
    Your ego?

    And while you sit and ferment
    as you await more comments,
    she never really meant
    to take a payment.

    So off she goes,
    no skin off her nose,
    to read the story once again!

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