Breast Cancer Vision: a revolutionary email sonnet

She gazed
at the lens
not with rage
nor sorrow, not again.

This time
is hers.
Strong, sublime;
she conquers.

Controls the pain,
walks her own path.
Determined again;
Keeps life in her grasp.

I know her only through another’s lens;
I weep, and embrace visions of a friend.

[Thank you for the opportunity
to be witness to a fight
which so deeply moves me.]

To see part of the upcoming breast cancer photographic documentary “Relearning Loveliness”, go to my friend’s website:

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2 Responses to “Breast Cancer Vision: a revolutionary email sonnet”

  1. Camilla Says:


  2. cyranowriter Says:

    Mange Tak for Skrivet (or however you say thank you for writing!) — I thought at first my daughter Camilla had responded to my blog! Min naven ar David; jeg kommet fra Seattle, Washington, USA. Min vestefar ar fra Nordfold, Nordland (Bodo), Norway. And that’s all the Norwegian I know. BUT, I like your site.
    Beste Hilsen!
    PS: Here are some pictures of where my grandfather was born:

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