Six Generations Later, They Done Good: Revolutionary Blogging Free Verse Poem

They came,Kuntz_StKillianGrave_Hartford_Wisconsin_Sept2015
seeking a new life
for themselves,
for their children.

for something better.
Not knowing
they would be the first

I stood,
having passed the old cemetery
many times,
at last,
at their graves,
and wept.

A surreal
central Wisconsin
sunset moment,
a circle completed,
their names on headstones,
my face on photos
to show I was there.

I wept more,
blessed them
for their vision,
cleaned off their markers,
scrubbed their names:
“John”. “Father”.
“Victoria”. “Mother.”

Kuhns_Kuntz_Hartford_gravesite_Sept2015They were born and died
centuries ago,
but their dreams
and hopes
are alive,
in me,
on a rural Wisconsin hill.

Do they know
how much we,
seven generations
or more,
and thank

St. Killian Old Irish Cemetery,
Highway 83 east of Hartford.
I found them at last.
“Danke sehr, Victoria and John Kuntz.
Ya done good.”


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