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I’d Rather: Romantic IMprov Poetry

December 5, 2010

Instead of engaging in foreign-tongued/
intellectual banter,/
now we’re not so young/
I think I’d rather/
gaze deep into your eyes/
and write you poetry/
and gently surprise/
your mind and your heart./
At least, I surmise,/
that’s where I’d like to start.

Within Reach Beach Walk: Romantic Iambic Poem

April 30, 2010

On my sweater still lingers
your scent so sweet.
I walk the streets,
past the beach,
but my walk’s incomplete.

I think of your eyes;
wistfully dream of your smile.
I wonder if you think of me;
wonder if you do so while
you walk the street, past Shay’s, toward the beach.
Have you forgotten? I’m still within reach.