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Daughter’s Wisdom On Father’s Day: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

June 20, 2016

Father’s Day wise words:/
“Stand in holy places” and /
“Just show up.” I will.

Made Wisdom: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

June 5, 2015

Wise is when you know/
there are things which could kill you,/
but you stay away.Tube, stump, and deadly off-shore wind at Utah Lake's Sandy Beach


Shut Up And Live! Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

October 16, 2014

I should stop telling/
others what to do — or not — /
and just live my life.

Who Gives Good Advice: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

October 5, 2014

I like receiving/
advice from older folk who/
have experience.

A Wise Old Woman: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

November 24, 2013

She spoke from her life’s/
wisdom. We could have stopped Church/
meeting with “Amen”.

Pour Away, My Muse! Revolutionary IMprov Rhyming Haiku

February 18, 2013

Pour away, my muse!/
Open my cranium and/
infuse* your wisdom!

Locks Of Hair, Flowing: Revolutionary IMprov Sonnet

February 18, 2013

Locks of hair, flowing,/
cascade down her shoulders./
The sunlight catches it, glowing,/
causing suitors to be bolder.

She, fearful, hesitates,/
to take that first stride./
Having learned, too late,/
that it’s sometimes a bad ride.

Yet he, not spurned,/
presses on to know her more./
For in his wisdom he’s learned/
what trust and faith are for.

Those traits, correctly called upon, can unlock the actions/
that make fear undone and open up life’s passions.

Teach Me With Your Smile: Romantic IMprov Sonnet

January 11, 2012

 Will you teach me,

 and let me see

 how you’ll reach me

 without poetry.

 Send your smile

 from your sweet face.

 Rest your gaze awhile;

 fill my empty space.

 Talk to me deep

 with dulcimer tones.

 In my mind creep

 through touch, computers, phones.


 Then, at last, when we again meet,

 I’ll savor your wisdom with no repeat.

Wisdom On Your Birthday: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

May 18, 2011

Did another year/
increase your wisdom, so that/
you want to see me?

Tithing Wisdom From My Father: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

May 8, 2011

My dad said something in a Church meeting about tithing. It caught me off guard, but was so profound I captured it and put it into a haiku.

Pay Tithing first. Then,/
you learn how much you don’t miss /
it. That surprised me.