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I Want A Woman Who’ll Weep For Me: Romantic Improv Prose

January 5, 2014

A modern Prophet of God once started an interview with a very important man by looking at his wife and asking her: “Is he a good husband? Does he treat you well?”

What I want is a woman who will stand next to me at the judgment bar in front of the Savior. Like His Prophet did, Jesus will look at her and ask:
“Was he a good husband?”
“Did he treat you well?”
“Is he worthy to enter into the Celestial Kingdom?”

Then, most importantly, the Savior will ask her:
“Is this the man who you want to spend the rest of eternity with, based on how he’s treated you on earth?”

To which she will drop to her knees, look up at Him in all sincerity, and say, with a smile and through tears of joy, hope and gratitude:

“Yes. Yes! YES!! Please, dear Lord, YES!! Let him be mine forever
and ever
and ever!”


The Old Couple In Sunday School Class: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

November 24, 2013

Nearly dead, her aged/
arm hugged her husband. They played/
footsies. I crave that.

Kick Me To The Curb: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poetic Lament

March 12, 2010

Why did you kick me/
so completely
/to the curb/
and out of your life?/
The nerve!/
Or is it because you’re a wife/
and mom?/
Is that how come?

Facing the 2nd Half: A Revolutionary ConTEXTing Plea to a Daughter

October 13, 2009

He wandered/
thru a half life:/
Children, parents, friends, wife./
Staring at the 2nd half,/
full of hope and doubt,/
he asked his daughter/
2 illustrate his way out.