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Why I Saunter: Revolutionary Rhyming Poem

January 28, 2017

Many times I walk fast.
A few times, I run.
But mostly I just saunter,
because observing is such fun.
And I see more.
For sure.

What’s the Rush?: A Prozaic Email Response

March 21, 2010

What’s the the rush, you ask?
The rush is seeing that you’ve responded to my communication.
The rush is the banter of two witty, intelligent minds jousting.
The rush is the thought about the opportunity of actually MEETING you and talking with you.
The rush is the antici …


The rush is the sensation of potentially finding an intellectual and stimulating equal.
The rush is finding a woman who doesn’t back down.
The rush is finding a person who is begging to be convinced.
The rush is finding a potential partner who really wants to …
but who doesn’t want to admit that she wants to.

That’s the rush.