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Life Purging: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

July 22, 2014

It’s hard to know you/
should purge waste from your life, and/
learn someone purged you.

Troll Tasting Not Wasting: Romantic IMproVerse Sonnet

September 21, 2013

Well golly Gee!/
And good for you!/
You’re getting to see/
What you wanted to!/

You wanted so bad to go/
You could nearly taste it!/
You would’ve gone with a troll!/
It’d be a pity to waste it!/

Spend your evening with some other/
instead of with me./
Perhaps he’ll be the lover/
that I can no longer be./

And now that your old ticket is free/
I’ll search to discover who’ll go with me*!

I’ll search for another who wants to be with me.


What A Waste: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

August 26, 2013

It doesn’t matter/
how good your equipment is/
if you keep it stored.

I Wish They’d Write/Call/Email/Text: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

March 14, 2013

How much time’s wasted/
waiting in vain for absent/

Dumped Like Refuse: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku Lament

July 26, 2012

Those who I carried/
and care for dump me like piles/
of stinky waste. Why?


Those who I care for/
most treat me like I’m smelly/
trash. What did I do?

Was Our Time Wasted? : Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

February 6, 2012

She thought that our time/

together was a waste. I/

feel the opposite.

Wasting Worrying: Revolutionary Improv Haiku

July 14, 2011

Why waste worrying/
about people who don’t care/
that you are concerned?

Picking Up At The Marina: Revolutionary Blogging Haiku

June 5, 2011

I recyle waste:/
Beer cans. Coke bottles. Not mine,/
but the world’s better.

Ignoring Dessert to Salivate Over a Future Meal: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poetry

September 2, 2010

It seems a pity 2 waste/
chances placed/
in front of our face./
Like desserts we could taste/
but we choose 2 wait./
About full meals we rumminate,/
and just salivate.

You Don’t Need Beauty Sleep: Romantic IMprov Haiku

August 23, 2010

Having seen your face/
I know, ‘neath a full moon’s glow,/
beauty sleep’s a waste.