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Superman Wants Wonder Woman: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poetry

April 14, 2010

Strong now,/
like Superman,/
I dont, somehow,/
need Wonder Woman./
I’ve grown past that./
I can/
by myself./
Silly fact:/
I just want her./
What’s wrong with that?

Getting hugs we need: A revolutionary IMprov sonnet

March 4, 2009

An eternal question: Why is it so much easier to get the hugs we want than the hugs we need?

The hugs we want
come from our greed;
which is more easily seen
than the hidden what we need.

Our greed is exposed
with a yell and a shout:
“Give me something NOW!
I can’t do without!”

But the need doesn’t show;
it in our shadow resides.
And even friends don’t know
what we choose to hide.

But sometimes someone with vision and clarity
hugs us, seeing what we’re afraid for them to see.