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Wisconsin Skinny Dipping Cleanse: Revolutionary Improv Email Sonnet

September 7, 2010

Winneconne Whitecaps, Swim Suit and Towel on the DockThe west wind and whitecaps churn
on my long-fetched Midwest lake.
I relish the violence and yearn,
as I have from my youth, to take

a naked dive,
to absorb nature’s dual power;
to be alive
in the storm’s most blustery hour.

I’ll swim and be swept, alone,
unashamed, unabashed, through the foam
of the surging, pounding freshwater sea;
and will learn, again, how it lifts and carries me.

I know when, at last, I emerge, from its power cleansed,
I’ll breathe deep in my soul and feel fully alive again.


Innocent Defenseless Territories: A Romantic Email Prologue and Limerick

March 2, 2009

She said that the beauty
of my poetry
touched uncharted territories
of innocence
with no defense…

So, with a sigh
replied I and I:

“Then I shant write any more poetry
for thee!
I reject the type of violence
that takes advantage of the innocence
by opening up uncharted, defenseless territories.”