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The Same View Though Convertible: Revolutionary Blogging Poetry

June 16, 2011

On a perfect,
summer day,
before I drove away,
I pullled off
the convertible top
to better see
driving under trees,
and sky,
and buildings
going by.

A friend
got in,
and stared
out the window.
She liked feeling
the wind blow
through her hair,
but only looked forward where
she always did before.
She couldn’t see more
than her previous view.
So I stopped,
and said “Look up!”
and showed her something new.

To see a surprise
view, look to the skies.

Close By And Ignored: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

June 10, 2011

Like box canyon views,
nothing seems so distant as
close by and ignored.

Keeping My Goal: Revolutionary Blogging Poem

June 5, 2011

Hands chilled,
I wait for the sun
to drift past
riprap rocks,
to warm my keyboard.

As dawn comes
to a near-silent lake
(the 6:01 a.m. to Dallas flys overhead
and the first waterskiers jet out
to meet the waking,
wakeless lake),
I look at site stats.

No one viewed me today.
(She had a busy night.)
I catch up
on poetry written
but not blogged.
Yesterday’s busy sunshine
grew weeds,
strawberry plants,
tomatoes to plant,
roses to water,
rhubarb to harvest,
and one,
published a minute before

My one-a-day
remains intact,
not on purpose,
but just
in fact.

My hands remain numb
as I wait for the sun
to come.

Stepping Back: Romantic ConTEXTing Poetry

May 24, 2011

I stand at cliff’s edge,/
ready 2 leap in2 the unknown./
Not alone./
I extend/
my hand,/
but she’s not found./

A casual tourist,/
she seeks/
another’s view./
I retreat.

A Muse, Anew: Romantic ConTEXTing Poetry

April 30, 2011

does it now/
when my unrehearsed/
a surprising new,/
unexpected view?/

That it’s you/
who stands anew,/
wearing the shoes/
of my verbal Muse?

Missed Getting Jimmered: Revolutionary Blogging Rhyming Haiku

March 12, 2011

Jimmer scored fifty-/
two, but I didn’t view the /
game. My choice was great!

Open the Book of My Soul: Romantic IMprov Poetry

September 28, 2010

She, feeling the poet’s creative glow,/
wanted to read more of his words’ flow./

“Now” (he thought to himself)/
“if only she’d take me/
and not just my poetry/
off the shelf,/

and turn the pages there/
and open up and bare/
my soul to her view./
That’s what I’d like her to do.”

But she, instead,/
was more prompted/
to refer him on/
to another one./

Which always struck the poet as strange/
that desired women should arrange/
for their friends a proposed match,/
when they, themselves, were the hoped-for catch.

Shrouded Beauty Revealed: Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

June 22, 2010

Your beauty,/
b4 shrouded with nite and gray clouds o’rhead,/
shown in front of me./
I saw reality instead./

And what I thot I knew/
was seen more clearly 2 my view.

Messing Up My Blog: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poem

May 5, 2010

I confess,/
now Ur back,/
my blog’s a mess;/
there’s a stack/
of poetry,/
inspired by U,/
from me./
What will others do/
when they c/
’em there/
in plain view?/
Do I care?