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She Was Lost In Wal-Mart: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku Lament

July 11, 2017

Walking the aisles/
of Wal-Mart, she vanished, and /
there was no roll-back.

Arising Dreams: Romantic IMprov Haiku

February 10, 2015

Dreams arise quickly,/
cloud your mind and reason, then/
vanish just as fast.
… then/
reality comes.

When A Dream Comes True: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

December 20, 2013

When your dream comes true,/
then vanishes, you get scared,/
*then melancholy.

*frustrated and sad.

Dreams Linger Into Reality: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

October 4, 2013

Do all dreams vanish/
with the morning? Or do some/
linger and turn real?

A Study In Early Morning Pain: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku Laments

October 28, 2012

I’m starting to write in sets. As with yesterday’s collection, this morning group of haiku starts with the earliest first, spread over a couple of hours.

Sunday, Oct. 28, 4:17 a.m.
Response To A Late Text

I sleep early to/
ease my pain, so I’m sorry/
if I don’t answer.
4:19 a.m.
Am I Angry?

It was never an/
anger, just a hurt caused by/
the constant silence.
I’m never angry,/
just feeling hurt again by/
your constant silence.
I’m rarely angry./
I’m feeling confused again/
by distant silence.

4:43 a.m.
Finally Getting An Oldie

There’s a song that says:/
“I haven’t got time for the/
pain.” Now I get it.
4:49 a.m.
Full Moon Alone

Does she care what it’s/
like to see a full moon with/
no one to share it?

5 a.m.
Gooey Realization

I just realized:/
The warm goo inside of you/
is not there from me.

5:13 a.m.
How Warm Feelings Are Lost

I shouldn’t have told/
you that I felt warm goo, too./
Silence vanished it.


Face Problems That Won’t Vanish: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

September 3, 2012

I can’t ignore my/
problems and hope they’ll vanish./
I’ll face them head on.

RE: Subject: Poetry — Where My Poetry Went: Revolutionary Email Response Haiku

April 27, 2012

A friend wrote the following email:
“I apologize for intruding in your e-mail/life but I MISS YOUR POETRY SO MUCH! What happened to your one-a-day poem goal? I still check your blog at least once a day. WHEN you post, my heart starts beating & I relish every word! Then there is the day after day after day of….nothing. I hope all is well with you and you are just busy.
~A starving, yearning, craving, longing, ravenous, eager, hopeful, languishing (you get the drift) poetry fan.”

In response, several thoughts came up. This is probably the most correct (and profound):

She asked where and why/
my poems vanished. She never/
grasped her muse power.

Unfulfilled Expectations: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

June 28, 2011

When you’re expected/
to be there, and you vanish,/
people can get hurt.

Vanishing Woman: Romantic IMprov Rhyming Haiku

June 22, 2011

She suddenly and/
completely would vanish, and/
I never knew why.

Women Claiming To Be Friends: Revolutionary Blogging Haiku

May 12, 2011

Women who may claim/
deep friendship often vanish/
when they have secrets.