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Proof arrhythmic: white men can dance – – revolutionary improv haiku

April 24, 2015

I’m living proof that/
A white man CAN dance when he/
ain’t got no rhy… thm.

Said while passing the nurses’ station, following my failed heart ablation procedure… They say they are going to “put it on the board.”
Followed by my quip:
“I’ll be up all evening$!”

6 a.m. Heart Ablation: Revolutionary Blogging Free Verse

November 16, 2014

My heart
is hyper-active.
Didn’t you know that?
At about 6 a.m. tomorrow
Dr. Wang
will run a catheter near
into my heart.

He will scar me
from the inside
so the dance
that my heart has done
for decades
will stop,
and I’ll finally
Doo whop

Can you imagine me
with more energy
and life
than I have

That’s what “they”

The only question I have is this:
Is this the best way
to let people know?Pericardium lift-- turn of the century heart surgery

They Stopped My Heart: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

July 17, 2014

Heart procedure survival - cardioverted at Utah Valley HospitalI survived. Should I/
have let someone know there was/
a chance I wouldn’t?

Eye Surgery Thumbnail Moon: Romantic ConTEXTing Poetry

March 25, 2014

The morning of my eye surgery,/
another memory/
and her thumbnail moon, shiny,
again greeted me./

Never more with glasses to be./
I’d soon see/
Near perfectly./

But she/
Won’t and wouldn’t see/

As I drove toward the city,/
and the facility/
where doctors waited patienty,/
I couldn’t focus.