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Super Bowl Sunday Home Field Advantage: Revolutionary ImproVerse Iambic Poem

February 1, 2015

Phoenix desert cropped with palm tree _ Feb 2015The cold and rain gives way/
to early morning fog and mist./
The Arizona desert in Phoenix/
is not supposed to be like this./

I’ll always revel in something different.


An Unusual Man: Romantic IMprov Haiku

August 23, 2013

“He is,” she mused to/
herself, “a most unusual/
man. I could like that.”

Art-In-Life — Finding The Interesting In The Ordinary: Revolutionary Email Prose

January 1, 2012

Can you find
the out-of-the-ordinary
in the ordinary
and normal?

I desire not
just to find
extraordinary things,
but to find the interesting
and unusual
and beautiful
and experiences
in the otherwise drab,
and mundane.

That is art-in-life.

Unusually North-Flowing River: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

June 12, 2011

An unusual/
river flows north. I paddle/
against it, then drift.

Peanut Butter Surprise: Revolutionary Blogging Haiku

February 7, 2011

Peanut butter melts/
on rice chicken casserole./
Like me, unusual.