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Tahiti Trip Slip: Romantic ImproVerse Iambic Poem

December 3, 2016

companion needy,
will take her to Tahiti.

travel greedy,
will go,
I’ll watch her trip,
but can’t prevent her slip.

Someone Else’s Heartfelt View: Revolutionary IMprov Statement

July 16, 2010

The previous Haiku was wrapped around a single statement in an IM discussion. The Haiku came out of a discussion about my heart-of-hearts: What I see there. Who I think I am in my heart. My comment was that, in my heart of hearts, I just want to do go, be charitable, show love, and that I have no ulterior motive, or do it for me, for any selfish reason (at least, not in my heart. Sometimes my head might have one). That is something I’ve always believed, something I thought God blessed me with, something people have said about me: I have a great, kind heart. Her comment, instead, raises questions not only for me but for anyone who thinks they’ve been blessed with a good, sincere heart. It also raises questions about what was behind every good we’ve ever done, every kindness we’ve ever felt or shown.

“Sometimes, the good you want to do is good for you, but not for others.”