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Love’s Gone From Town — RIP BB King: Revolutionary ImproVerse Sonnet Lament

May 15, 2015

I heard the sad news today:/
You’ve gone to play with your friends./
I hope you find the blues way:/
The love town where music never ends.

In your honor I’m gonna eat/
A mess of grits and stuff./
You left us behind on Beale Street/
‘cuz our blues ain’t yet good enough.

I’m sure that Etta’s waiting./
Jellyroll and Stevie Ray, too./
I’ll bet Lucille’s anticipating:/
All tuned up just for you.

May God in His grace, knowing who you are,/
See your smiling face, and make your harp strings a guitar.

When Love Comes To Town (with Bono and U2

Provo Bono Vertigo Show? Revoltuionary Blogging Rhyming Poem

March 27, 2014

Can Bucky and Cosmo and Bono do a U2 Vertigo show in Provo?
Bucky, Cosmo/
and Bono?/
Doin’ a U2 Vertigo/
in Provo?/
I don’t know,/
but say that it’s so!/
I’d go,/
doncha know?!

(Go Badgers Go!)