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My Daughter’s Thrown A Curve: Revolutionary IMprov Limerick

April 23, 2014

If __________ (my daughter) splattered on the ground,/
no New Yorkers would gather around./
They’ve seen many splatters before/
during their 9-11 horror./
They’d rather read something profound.

My Daughter’s Lonely: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

April 10, 2014

A sign hung where you/
could see it daily. Recall: /
You’re never alone.

Pink/Purple Angel: Revolutionary ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

March 24, 2013

How you care for my/
Mother* makes me wonder if/
one can care for you.

How you cared for my/
Mother made me wonder if/
I could care for you.

How you care for a/
Mother* makes me wonder who/
can take care of you.


Eating Without Disorder: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

January 1, 2013

Sitting with my girl,/
eating dinner freely, makes/
me very happy.

Thank You, Whitney! Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

December 17, 2012

Whitney_gifts_Dec2012 - a young woman suffering with her own illnesses put together these holiday packages for other young women in treatmentWhy is it often/
that folks who struggle the most/
have the biggest hearts?
[A young woman suffering from chronic illness heard about my daughter’s plight (and other women in treatment with my daughter) and prepared holiday packages for them … prompting this poem.]


Who Is Strong Enough? Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

October 18, 2012

She is strong enough/
to do this. Can we be strong/
enough to let her?

Written after my daughter was admitted to a treatment center for eating disorders, then started calling, begging to be released.