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Emerge(d) Assemblage Caused By Dallas Tornadoes, 3:21 pm + A February Storm: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

April 3, 2012

Emerging Assemblage: Reverse emergency exit sign and Assemblage pieces from the Nasher Sculpture Center, DallasYou EMERGEd anew/
trance. Tornadoes drove me to
Assemblage safety.


You were a new trance./
A tornado drove me to /
assemblage safety

How Do You Know Inspiration: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poem

August 21, 2010

When yer heart is poured,/
and it seems absurd/
2 b able 2 say/
yer deepest emotions/
any other way./

When just 1/
look or glance/
leaves u undone/
and in a trance.