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Argue Not, Neither Stay: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

July 6, 2010

What did you expect?/
You told me it was too much./
So I left. Why stay?

Women Need Safety: Revolutionary Poem

May 24, 2010

Safe. Comfortable. Peaceful. Content.
Relaxed. Harmonic. In tune.
All these things were my bent.
All these feelings were my view
of myself and how I am …
but they’re not how I’m seen
as a man
by women’s majority.

Instead, I am caffinated.
Intense. Aggressive. Mind-boggling.
Assertive. Opinionated.
Too much. Exhausting.

Why? Because I want so much
to show I understand;
to “be in touch”
more than any other man.

It’s about what women feel.
when they don’t have a safe feeling.
Although my caring is real;
they run, they fight, they send me reeling.

And me? I always try
to understand.
I ask why
and show I’m a caring man.

But the reason isn’t important.
They may not even know
why they don’t feel safely bent.
They just know it’s so.

I’m learning to get
the patience of Job.
To not try to vett
my feelings, nor to probe.

But simply to accept them
and be a safe place,
and as I learn to let them,
women will embrace
not only me
but the kindness they see.

Shelf Romantic Poetry: A Revolutionary Haiku

April 30, 2010

A note to myself:/
Stuff romantic poetry/
on shelf. It’s too much.

How Much is Too Much: Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

April 21, 2010

How many times a day/
I say/
that Ur groovay?/
And remember, no answer is confirmation,/
and subtle affirmation,/
not rejection,/
of my affection!