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Muse Request Granted: Romantic IMprov Haiku

December 3, 2015

She’d wondered how it/
could be to be someone’s Muse./
She felt it tonight.
She’d often wondered/
how it would feel to be a/
Muse to someone. Done.

5:23 a.m. Moonochrome: Revolutionary ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

January 6, 2015

I spied her tonight/
Hovering over a white/
And black frozen site.

On A Rhyming Roll: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

October 24, 2013

Tonight she has me/
on a roll. Better than on/
a cream-cheesed bagel.
Tonight she has me/
on a roll. I’d rather be/
on cream-cheesed bagels.

Crisp, Clear 2 a.m. Moonrise: Romantic ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

September 28, 2013

Tonight’s bright star shine/
and moonrise brought thoughts of you./
Thought you of me, too?

Anticipating Non-Lone Sleeping: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

September 27, 2011

Tonight, wrapped in your/
arms of love, with limbs tangled,/
I’ll not sleep alone.

In Your Party Partying: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

August 3, 2011

At tonight’s event,/
you can wish I was in your/
party, partying.

Tonight, at dinner,/

Promises Full Moons Can’t Hold: Romantic Improv Haiku

January 20, 2011

Last night’s full moon held/

so much promise in her face./

Now she holds nothing.


Tonight, she holds nichts.


Tonight, bitte, nichts.