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What She Awaits, She Must Be: Romantic IMprov Iambic Poetry

December 20, 2012

She awaits a man
astride his steed
who’ll sweep her away
to Neuschwanstein
or some place similar.

She has dreamed
of him,
for she’s been told
he’ll come;
slashing through thorns,
avoiding gnashing teeth,
climbing impossible heights,
performing great tasks,
while she,
for her fate.

Such a woman
I would never want,
nor would I ever take,
Prince though I be,
for she
should fight equally
for me.

Her preparation
for my arrival,
I do not know.
But it will require
her to go higher
than I will go

She may not meet me
through the thorns.

She may not need to slay
the dragons
I’ll face,
but combing her hair,
and putting on her gown,
and singing joyfully
in answer to my call
will not be enough.

She’ll have to push open
heavy doors,
uneven steps,
sweep away dust,
and cobwebs
of the past,
finding her way
down crooked paths,
through murky mists,
toward the light.

And when we at last meet,
beneath the citadel’s stones,
under heavenly spires,
our gaze,
will lift us both,
and we will know,
we’ll have been
and worth it.

To a Rose At Last Blossoming: Revolutionary Blogging Improv Sonnet

August 28, 2010

A friend wrote a poem in a new blog, and then wondered about her poetic ability. This sonnet is in response (and is also on the comment page to her poem).

To a Rose At Last Blossoming

Roses don’t blossom
quickly, like the daffodil, tulip,
or dandilion,
only to fade just as quickly away.

Instead, they rise from a bushes,
born years before.
The older the rosebush,
the sweeter and longer lasting the blossom.

People glance at rosebushes in winter,
comment on their plainness;
their brown sticks protruding through dead mulch;
their ugliness, deadness, and thorns.

But when rose blossoms at last spread their color’d fragrance,
Humankind is blessed, touched and inspired by true beauty.