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A Wistful Far-Away Look: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

June 23, 2012

Who was she thinking/
of when I took the photo/
that’s on her Facebook?

Gloomy Heartache Thinking: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku Lament

July 16, 2011

If she only brings/
you gloom and heartache thinking/
of her, you should stop.

Church Underwear Thoughts: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

July 3, 2011

What we wear under/
our outer shell shows what our /
mind’s thinking about.

Forgetting Pain Still Felt: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

June 23, 2011

I remember once/
thinking I knew something harsh./
I only felt pain.

What You’ve Got Me Thinking About: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

May 19, 2011

You’ve got me thinking./
My brain thinks how much I like /
thinking about you

Seussian Thinking Under Her Hat: Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

March 5, 2011

Is she missing me?/
Or just thinking me?
Thots thunk r good from her./
A missing miss is better.
Which am I? /
I wish I knew./
She keeps thots/
under her hat./
Do U?

Late Night Worrying: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

February 24, 2011

I cant get you off/
my mind. If YOU need to call/
and talk please do so

Obsessed Thinking x 2: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

October 16, 2010

If you think you are/
obsessed with me, then what am/
I, thinking of thee?

Waking in Wee Hours: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

July 2, 2010

How oft have I asked /
her in hours wee, if ever/
she wakes thinking me.