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Task Master: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

August 4, 2013

What happens when I’ve/
completed all the tasks she/
said I needed to?

Sometimes Writing Is Joyous, Sometimes … Not: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poetry

May 16, 2011

Words float,/
rise in my mind,/
fall from my hands./

They see-saw,/
tottering back and forth,/
from creative joy/
2 task/
2 drudgery./

If no1 reads them,
do poems exist?

How Do I Say Hello? Romantic IMprov Poem

December 14, 2010

How do/
I say hello to you?/
I could say/
Gorgeous!” like you hear every day./

I could ask/
about the tasks
you’ve done so far,/
or just how you are./

I’ll simply/
and wait awhile,/
to see/
if you’ll say “Hi” to me.