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Fading Dreams: Romantic IMprov Haiku

February 1, 2017

My dreams are fading,/
melting like the blizzard’s snow/
‘neath Spring’s warm sunshine.

Sunbeams On Wisconsin Lake Wavelets And Her Hair: Romantic IMprov Free Verse Poetry

May 18, 2016

He thought the black and white /
flashes on the inside/
of his eyelids/
were shadows/
of purple martins in flight./

Instead, they were/
the sunshine’s reflections,/
like diamonds dancing,/
off of the lake’s soft wavelets.

And, for some odd,
unknown reason,/
he dreamed of the way/
those same warm sunbeams/
reflect and shimmer/
off the gentle waves
of her hair.
Sunbeam Diamonds, Lake Winneconne Afternoon
YouTube Video showing diamonds in the water, hearing purple martins singing 


Early Spring, Little Fish, Gardening: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

April 4, 2016

sunbeam on a early Spring garden in Wisconsin, with fishI, like Squanto had,/
placed small fish in the garden/
and prayed for sunshine.

December On The Water: Revolutionary Blogging Haiku

December 2, 2015
Lake Winneconne canal snowy dock, clear water, December 2015

Lake Winneconne Dock

New snow, winter warmth,/
sunshine and clear waters call: /
One last canoe trip.

My Car’s Faster Than Yours: Revolutionary IMprov Sonnet

April 10, 2015

Hands in the air topless dancing on a wide-open freeway -I-15 in UtahSpeed is a function
of an open road.
You’re crawling at the junction
of I’s 5 and 90: Overload!

Your powerful Maserati
is stuck in traffic jams.
His cool Ferrari
moves like overcooked Spam.

While my rag-topped Sebring,
tunes up, top down,
heralds the sunshine of Spring
at 80 mph through town.

And fellow freeway observers cheer at my hands:
dancin’ up in the air, like American Band Stand!

Morning Wake Up Call: Romantic IMprov Free Verse Poem

April 9, 2015

Your hair falls,
flowing gently,
capturing the morning’s
first gold.

Turning into you,
I face quiet beauty.
I move your flaxen strands
off your face,
behind your ear,
exposing your skin.

Leaning in,
my cheek hovers above
feeling your warmth,
like morning sunshine
pulls back the blanket
of the night.

My ear floats
above your lips
so I feel and hear
your deep, morning breath,
and at peace.

My lips
part slightly
to breathe softly
your ear.

as sweetly and
with as low moan
as possible,
I whisper a gentle
“Good morning.”

You stir slightly.
My face drops soft
against yours:
Cheek against
my ear against your
mouth’s corner,
lips against
your ear.

I trust you hear
and feel
the sound of one soft,
against your skin
and your hearing
to your mind
and then your
and then,
your soul,
with a gentle,
morning massage message
of love.

Golden haired sleeping beauty is the Muse for a morning wake-up call

Seattle Versus Springville (Utah): Revolutionary ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

March 24, 2015

I like waving at/
the sun daily instead of/
just once a quarter.
the sun once a day instead/
of once a quarter.

Teacher’s Day Off: Revolutionary IMprov Sonnet

March 20, 2015

She sits with her cats,
and books she should have read;
Dreams of Wonderland
and stares vacantly ahead.

As the felines stretch and purr,
and the sun brightly shines,
she hears lawnmowers whirr
and the 2-cycles whine.

Yet she, with so much to do,
moves to her chair from her bed,
stores the words she’s thought through,
and turns on Netflix instead.

For $7.99 she vacates her head,
and buries her mind in The Walking Dead.

Waiting On The 8:35 a.m. Front Runner: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

April 16, 2014

Waiting in the sun for the Front RunnerWe could be on the/
beach, soaking up the sun, but/
we wait for our train.