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Be Careful What You Suggest: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

January 1, 2017

When you ask someone /
to do something, don’t be hurt/
when they do that thing.

Shocked and Amazed: A Revolutionary IMprov Blogging Sonnet

May 13, 2010

It always amazes me
when things happen that I didn’t see.
It’s not only that I’m blindsided,
but I ask myself “How’d I let me be so misguided?”

You think you’ve got things figured out;
You’re predicting flood instead of drought.
People ask you for sincere advice
and you give it to them, and try to be nice.

But then, like bathing in winter’s fickle Chinook wind,
they ignore you and do what they want again.
And you just shrug and watch them play,
and wish them happiness; what more can you say?

Because, in the end, it’s their life they have to live
Despite all the advice you tried to give.