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I Loved Her Stilettos: Romantic IMprov Haiku

March 27, 2014

She wants to see me/
so she can again grind her/
heel into my heart.

Considering Karma: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

December 20, 2012

Before you take your/
stilettos and crush my heart,/
consider karma.

Last Time is Charming for a Short Prince: Romantic Poetry

August 3, 2009

The gauntlet was thrown:
a poet sought!
But yet,
invitations of meeting
were deleted with no regret;
they went for naught.

yet again, another time
he casts his bread
upon her swirling waters;
leaves his rhyme
in her head,

and asks:
What is she searching for?
An intellect to match her own?
With me she’s home.

A writer, witty and bright?
I’m that (if I can avoid being trite).
Six foot oh oh oh
I’m the wrong height for her stilettos.

Is that the only reason why
I’m not the guy?