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Small Steps Taught: Revolutionary ImproVerse Free Verse

February 18, 2017

“I’m not feeling it at all tonight.”
“That was one of the greatest musical experiences I’ve ever heard!”
is a short,
small step.
Isn’t that what parents,
are for?Standing ovation for Mozart's Requiem, Utah Symphony, Feb. 2017


Big Ovation For Quick Car Repair: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

December 23, 2015

Quick car repair in Nephi, UT -- Big OBroke down in a small/
town and they can fix your car/
quick? Big standing O!

It’s Finally My Turn: Revolutionary Blogging Haiku

February 1, 2014

An omelet worthy of a standing O: Oscar the Grouch omelet, Jan. 2014After years of food/
standing O’s, I fin’lly gave/
one to my omelet.