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Sweet Worder: Romantic IMprov Rhyming Haiku

December 29, 2014

I’m gonna be sick./
He is so slick, throwing out/
sweet words* like St. Nick.


Your Shoe On St. Nicholas Day: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

December 6, 2014

Traditions may be/
forgotten by her, but old/
St. Nick remembers.

She’s Not St. Nick: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poem

December 10, 2013

Sung to the tune of “Up On the House Top”
Down off the house top my daughter falls./
She thought she was Santa Claus./
Now she is feeling not so great./
Her femur and pelvis will get a plate./
Oh oh oh! Watch her go!/
Oh oh oh! Watch her go./
Down off the house top slick slick slip!/
Too bad she’s not made like St. Nick!

(Texted to my daughter after she fell off the roof putting up Christmas lights)