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Facing An Abyss, Spurned: Romantic IMprov Poetry

June 28, 2011

She stood/
on the verge/
of opening./

Facing the great chasm/
and depths of life,/
she clung to him/
who explained/

As she leaned forward/
to leap/
into the abyss,/
hoping a net would appear,/
feeling secure/
that he would not let her/
he took a phone call./

So she, feeling spurned,/
and ran,/
back to her safe place,/
and put back on her bland face,/
and hid.

House-Warming Gifts Uninvited: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poetic Lament

May 1, 2011

Things I bot/
will rot/
in my trunk./
Sentimental, silly junk/
4 a house-warming party/
that is not 2b./

I return/
2 where I live,/
again spurned;/
nothing 2 give.