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From Downspouts To Storm Sewers: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

September 10, 2012

Why in a desert/
do downspouts not splash water/
onto the parched earth?

… splash the rain/
on the thirsty soil?

Why Men Move On: Romantic IMprov Poem

November 23, 2010

Sometimes guys attempt to get phone numbers from women who seem to want to play hard to get. During one such situation, a woman was told “If you want to maintain contact, the ball is in your court”. When she asked “Why?”, this was the response:

A guy /
can only try/
so hard /
before he gets tired/
and sucumbs/
to being numb/
and moves on /
to more fertile ground/
where growth is found./

Where the seeds he sows/
have a chance to grow./
Where they are received eagerly;/
watered fervently;/
cared for tenderly;/
and can burst through the lonely gloom,/
and bloom.