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Where Past Choices Lead: Romantic IMprov Haiku

July 2, 2017

She wonders where her/
past choices have gotten her./
He smiles and stands up.

Smiling Palm Tree Moon: Romantic ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

March 13, 2013

Smiling Moon with Phoenix palms
The moon still smiles* as/
if to say: “Despite the miles,/
she won’t, anyway.”



A Gift Of Smiles: Revolutionary IMprov Limerick

September 5, 2012

No matter how sucky your day is/
there’s always the potential for this:/
that I will pop by and do/
some weird thing to shake your blues/
or at least give you laughter’s sweet bliss.

[Happy Birthday to the big E/
with her own limerick poetry!]

Woo a Woman Through Words: Absurd! Romantic Sonnet

August 3, 2009

“I Love to laugh, cuddle, kiss, and think.”

I met a woman;
I made her laugh.
The sparkle in her eyes
was on my behalf.

But to win her,
to cuddle, kiss and coo,
I didn’t buy her dinner.
Instead, I choose to woo

her with smiles and deep words!
(It may sound absurd,
but the unknown reality is,
for intelligent women, this:)

A woman is reached, in her soul and heart,
through her brain, more than any other part.