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What To Do All Alone At Christmas Time: Revolutionary IMprov Prose

November 26, 2012

A single friend asked: “What do you do all alone to get in the Christmas spirit?” Drawing on my past experiences, here’s what I suggested (many of the suggestions are Seattle, WA-based, since that’s where she lives).
Here’s the video link!
Find someone with a ragtop. Have them put the top down on a crisp, cold evening… hopefully with snow (you could go to Leavenworth) (or drive down Bellevue Way right after the Toy Soldiers/Drummer concerts at BelSquare every night). Lean the passenger seat back and look up at the lights as you drive through ________ (name of location with lots of lights).Back of the Convertible Like A Snow Princess at Temple Square Have your Ella, MoTab, Frank Sinatra, Beach Boys or whatever Christmas CD playing LOUD. Wear a Santa hat and white gloves. Wave at people as you pass by. Watch them smile and wave back. If you are really brave, (and don’t mind a potential ticket), sit on the top of the back seat, like you were a Winterfest Princess.
And if you can’t find a friend with a ragtop, head down here to Utah. We’ll drive circles around Temple Square. It always works.
Just before Santa comes (late Christmas Eve), find a friend, go in their ragtop and park on a busy corner. Play your music really loud and sing. Remember: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loudly for all to hear!” -Elf. People will join you.
Then, as Christmas Eve turns to Christmas Day, go to the front of your favorite church or place of worship and repeat/read the Christmas story from Luke. “It came to pass, in those days, a decree went out … ”
And end it at “And Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.”