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Shocking Contrarian Who She Is: Revolutionary ImproVerse Sonnet

April 17, 2014

She stands, a woman unfettered./
She speaks her own opinions./
She doesn’t count who’s worse or better./
She won’t be one of the minions.

She’ll speak her own mind./
She’ll phrase her thoughts with boldness./
She’ll avoid being unkind;/
She’ll be honest, nothing less.

She’ll discuss her feelings,/
She’ll speak her deep thoughts,/
She’ll revel in truths appealing;/
She’ll be both teacher and taught.

And men who read her thoughts will wonder and gaze/
As they through both beauty and truth stand all amazed.


A Nut Back Into His Shell: Romantic IMprov Haiku

April 27, 2012

Even nuts withdraw/
back into their shells if they’re/
left alone too long.

The Emergence Of The Grown, Cocooned Youth: Revolutionary IMprov Poem

August 17, 2011

The young,
optimistic s/he,
care free,


From fear,
through a desire
for self-preservation,
and wrapped itself
deep within
the shell
that grew
and matured
and thrived

and took the blows
and the arrows
and the doubts
and the pain.

But one day
the cocooned,
protected being,
who had grown
and been nurtured
and cherished,
realized it was time.

Time to emerge.
Time to reveal.
Time to risk.
Time to take
its rightful place
as owner
and operator
and thinker
of its soul
and mind
and destiny.

It was scary,
at first,
to show itself.
To say “Here I am,
for the first time.”

But it felt the warmth of the sun
on its face.
The cool breeze blowing through its hair.
The moist mist of early morning
fog lifting.
The passion
and compassion
of love.

And it knew,
having been sheltered
and protected
and nurtured
and walled
for so long,

that free,
and fearless
and embracing
and empowered
and enjoying
and joyful
was where it belonged.