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Sensitive Log-Splitter’s Lament: A Revolutionary Poem

February 12, 2009

“I speak in generalizations
about and for all women!”
(An oxymoron
if there ever was one!
It can’t be done!)

Still opined another woman;
told me what
a sensitive man
I am.

And then spoke:
“We women want men
who are strong! No joke!”
And I hear it again.

The same idea foisted
on a man changing his world;
the same dogma hoisted,
like a flag being unfurled.

“Women want a sensitive man!”
But what to do
when they find him?
They’ve not a clue.

So I sigh
and ignore the lie.
Learn to be a strong, yet nice, guy.
Learn what I should have learned to be
a decade, or two, or three!

(I’m slow…
but now I know!
Because dozens of women
have told me so!)

I can split logs in two.
Can you?