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Leaning back in an office chair: An Emailed Sonnet

March 18, 2010

Leaning back in his office chair/
he stared,/
out the window, blankly,/
at the empty blue sky there./

Turning his face back/
to his blue screen, where the lack/
of one response/
caused his jaw to slack./

He looked at his lap./
Pursed his lips./
Sighed. Visualized where she sat./

Then he realized, if she was any good,/
She’d read and respond as soon as she could.

Waiting 4 U 2 IM: A Revolutionary IMprov IMbic sonnet

March 18, 2009

I stare at the screen
for you to say

For you to finish
for the light
to turn green.

Sentences, phrases, a word
that say
how you feel about
now, this second, last hour, today.

But the blinking words on the IM screen
just keep saying “typing”, “typing”, “typing”.