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Chastising Christian Eric: Revolutionary ImproVerse Sonnet

August 29, 2013

Oh Christian Eric, thou poor fool./
Rox Lisa wants to make you drool,/
while I, Cy, sit and dream of her,/
Mine is but a dream deferred.

For she somehow has chosen you/
to stir your magic verbal stew./
While my attentions are ignored/
And get discarded out her door.

And that’s where I don’t understand/
how I, a kind, romantic man,/
can be cast off as a verbal suitor./
Are you that much younger and cuter?

If only I had half the chance/
As you to pursue her in romance!

Cyrano Needs To See: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

April 8, 2010

As you know,/
did much of his best work/
and verbally,/
under the balcony./
Not just a written poet, he!/
His muse was finest,/
and at its divinest,/
when he could see,/
(“But”, you’ll say, “you can’t see/
In my mind I can.