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A Thinking Thunk That Went Kerplunk! A Revoluntionary IMprov Poem

April 13, 2009

I think
a lot of great thinks,
I think.

And some thoughts even
come close to the brink
of being more
than just thinks.

But they don’t.
And they won’t.

And then the think
I think
becomes a thunk,
and goes kerplunk.

And nothing I ever do or say
Will make it be more, nor make it be okay.

Where Tootsie Pops Now Lay: a Romantic ConTEXTING poem

April 9, 2009

On a bed unmade/is a grape tootsiepop laid!The bed where/
you-we once laid bare/
is now wrinkled, again./
I stare,/
and wonder, and then/
ask, and ponder:/
Do I care/
if I’ll ever make it again?