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Remembering Morning Halos: Romantic IMprov Poetry

March 8, 2011

That I could once again/
lay in your arms,/
turn my face toward your charms/
and whisper, deep,/
words of understanding,/
as the sunrise/
created a halo/
around your hallowed face,/
and I felt peace.

Getting Your Own: Romantic IMprov Haiku

February 21, 2011

Maybe someday soon/
you, too, will be honored to/
say: “That’s my Haiku”.

I’d Rather: Romantic IMprov Poetry

December 5, 2010

Instead of engaging in foreign-tongued/
intellectual banter,/
now we’re not so young/
I think I’d rather/
gaze deep into your eyes/
and write you poetry/
and gently surprise/
your mind and your heart./
At least, I surmise,/
that’s where I’d like to start.

Why Men Move On: Romantic IMprov Poem

November 23, 2010

Sometimes guys attempt to get phone numbers from women who seem to want to play hard to get. During one such situation, a woman was told “If you want to maintain contact, the ball is in your court”. When she asked “Why?”, this was the response:

A guy /
can only try/
so hard /
before he gets tired/
and sucumbs/
to being numb/
and moves on /
to more fertile ground/
where growth is found./

Where the seeds he sows/
have a chance to grow./
Where they are received eagerly;/
watered fervently;/
cared for tenderly;/
and can burst through the lonely gloom,/
and bloom.

Silence After Sleeping: A Romantic IMprov Poem

January 15, 2010

Are you

not going to

talk to me

any more, 

now that we

slept, and you’ve discovered

I snore?

Prelude and Sonnet of a Muse: Romantic IMprov Poetry

February 11, 2009

The Prelude
to the Sonnet of a Muse

I was telling her
about you
and what you do
to inspire me!
And I came up
with poetry.
You’ll see!

But, for now,
take flight:

(The 1 a.m. Sonnet of a Muse)

She is a muse
to me.
A clever woman
inspires poetry!

She strips away
my vanity;
my very sanity.

And when I see her
start to type,
I must respond
while the time is ripe!

(My head and hands, both, may explode!
From stimulation overload!)