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You Can Only Deem Me Silly: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

October 12, 2010

You can only deem me silly/
since you don’t know how you’ve thrilled me./
If you only think that I amy forlorn/
because I’m missing out on your kettle corn.

You can’t imagine how frequently/
my memory goes back so completely/
to when you and I shared burnt rhubarb,/
and I felt, that evening, more like the Bard

than I had for a long time, and rarely have since./
So certain am I that I’d make you wince/
if I divulged the deepest feelings in my heart,/
I’ve decided to keep them buried in the dark.

Where I can view them from night ’til morn,/
while you think it’s silliness about kettle corn.

Somewhere Someone: Romantic IMprov Sonnet

July 7, 2010

Somewhere someone will dance with me.
When my face she spies and sees
rhubarb and lavender in my hand
she’ll think I’m grand.

She’ll laugh and watch out her balcony
as I leave, just to see
if I a backwards glance will give
and sing “On the street where you live”.

She’ll keep, pressed, a daffodil
I once, unbidden, laid on her windowsill.
When I drive a long distance,
she’ll anticipate with no resistance.

Somewhere, that someone waits for me…
and I learned, long ago, she is not thee.