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Internet Troll Protection: Revolutionary Blogging Haiku

April 14, 2013

The harsh thing about/
protecting yourself from a/
Net Troll’s’ lies? You can’t.

Being The First In: Revolutionary Blogging Haiku

May 4, 2011

Being "first in" at Lake Winneconne, Wisconsin gets you $1 from Gene Kuhns. May as well shampoo your hair while you're in the water. It is INCREDIBLY COLD.
The ice, finally,
is out. It will be vi’lent.
I am the first in.

Ancient Meets Modern: Revolutionary Blogging Haiku

May 4, 2011

Wolf River sturgeon spawning, Shawno, Wisconsin, May 4, 2011River sturgeon have been around since the dinosaurs. In early May, I videoed them in the Wolf River near Shawno, Wisconsin.

Ancient meets modern
in a Wisconsin river.
I watch sturgeon spawn.

Washing Away Memories: Revolutionary Blogging Haiku

February 5, 2011

I’ll wash scented sheets./
Memories, I’m sure, take much,/
longer to vanquish.

She Drives The Bus: Revolutionary Blogging Haiku

February 3, 2011

Although I saw her,/
(and she, me), I let her drive/
the bus, as promised.