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Explaining Things: Romantic IMprov Poetry

February 24, 2011

I can’t explain
you to myself,
nor my brain.
I look at you in wonder,
and wonder:
“Am I going insane?”
To like you so much;
to want to reach you,
to reach out for you,
and to feel and give touch.
To feel like I should
and I would
if I could.
It’s more than I can explain.
But I like it.
A lot.
Two Wordsworth.


Asking for Poetry on a Whim: An Revolutionary Email Sonnet

September 18, 2010

Most women are a bit freaked out by getting poetry/
I have a theory about that,/
but since you asked:/
Behold! A sonnet!/
Just for you, to show my wit/
(and if you’re truly smitten, you do have my digits.)
Ah, to be able to indulge you on a whim
with my writing prowess.
You haven’t learned, I guess:
A poet needs muse to inspire him.

Could you potentially be
the song’d siren who brings
the verse musicians will sing?
My poetic muse for me?

It’s hard, right now, to say.
I tend to be more restrained
before I am moved to break into refrain.
We’ll have to meet someday.

Sooner rather than later would be my choice.
Then we’ll discover if your muse gives me voice.