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Description of LA LA Feeling: Romantic IMprov Rhyming Haikus

May 18, 2011

LA LA: The feeling/
one gets when they visit So/
Cal and see the beach.


The feeling you get/
when you know someone wants to/
merely embrace you.


I could tell you more/
about that feeling, but it/
would send you reeling.

Showing Indifference: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poem

January 4, 2011

Maybe i should have no flair./
Maybe I should dare/
2 show I don’t care./

Maybe I should stop reeling/
with deep, emotional feelings./
Then, maybe, I’d get somewhere.

No Phermone Blues: Romantic ConTEXTing Poetic Lament

December 5, 2010

I know the feeling./
Try staring into eyes/
that set your head reeling,/
and to your surprise/
she’s totally zoned/
and says ‘I dig guys/
but you’ve got no phermones.’