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Assailing Her With A Pun: Romantic IMprov Haiku

September 28, 2016

If you ask women/
to go sailing on a first/
date, is that tacky?

Mic Shrinkage: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

July 17, 2014

“Don’t touch the mic!” No/
matter who it reminds you/
of, it gets shortened.

Pie Alamo’d: Revolutionary ImproVerse Comedy Haiku

February 24, 2014

The Alamo at night, San Antonio, Texas. Look in the upper right window to see a "Defender of the Alamo".If you have pie with/
ice cream in San Antone, is/
it pie Alamo’d?


High Desert Gouda Stuff: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku Pun

May 29, 2011

Fuzzy radio. /
High desert cheese. Thoughts of you./
It’s the gouda stuff.

Citrus For Us: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Punning Poem

February 8, 2011

I believe/
we will see/
each other/

I saved citrus/
for us!/

Orange you glad?/
Or just/grape(fruit)ful?
(I’ve gone on a tangelogent)