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He’d Had His Chance: Romantic Blogging Free Verse Poem

December 14, 2014

He’d had his chance
to dance
the faithful foxtrot;
the passionate polka;
the spiritual samba;
the wayfaring man waltz.

He had,
started the music playing,
but then,
in his ignorance,
had hit several wrong chords,
and the dance ended.

The stagecoach turned
into a pumpkin,
and the glass slipper
cracked and shattered.

But he kept humming
different tunes,
until he figured out
which one was his

Which one
could be played
in hallowed courts.

Which one
would ring right
in her ears,
through her brain,
flutter her heart,
transform her soul
as his
had been.

He hoped she,
with her lofty view,
would let him
sing again,
high on the mountain top.

Late Night Springville Statue Feeling: Revolutionary ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

October 24, 2013

She felt the pumpkin/
in the truck and laughed at her/
good fortune and luck.